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Memorial created 11-2-2007 by
Kelley Rodgers
Daniel Garrett Farias-Rodgers
July 29 1982 - July 6 2007

My Beautiful Son....Your Last Breath On Earth Was Your First Breath In Heaven

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Daniel Farias-Rodgers, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Daniel's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Daniel forever.


Daniel was truely a one of a kind person. He was our wildman. He never met anyone that wasn't his buddy or a woman that he didn't fall for. Daniel will be forever missed my me his mom and his family..dad..Tom, sister..Kari..brother...Michael...and sister...Amber and his son...Lucas Dean Farias. He does live on in Lucas and within our hearts. He was my first born and oh how he had my heart no matter what he did. His life ended on a hot July afternoon. He was driving with his brother Michael when the back tire blew causing the truck to roll. Both boys were ejected. Daniel was thrown 60 to 80 feet. Daniel died of a broken neck. July 6 was worst day of my life because I lost my Daniel but the best day of my life because I didn't lose Michael. I brought this wonderful man into to this world and as hard as his death was, I was able to be there at the end of his life. No parent should bury their child... Daniel lived every minute of everyday. In his short life he did things that it would take any other person a lifetime to do. He was a hard worker and would help anyone who asked and sometimes they didn't have too. Daniel left home at 16 and went to Sun Valley Idaho to work with heavy equipment. He also worked construction. About 2 years ago he found the ideal job. Through a very good freind of ours Daniel started working on dairies AI ing cows. He loved it. He would drive 2 hour one way with Jim to learn what he needed to know. He did not get paid for what he did at first but he didn't seem to mind. When Daniel was a teenager he was a handful. He had brushes with the local police. But he was the first to admit his wrong doing and he took whatever punishment they gave him. He always stuck up for the underdog. He enjoyed a good party, a pretty girl. But Daniel's main interest was his family. When he died Daniel was attempting to make have a civil relationship with the mother of his son Lucas. He loved his little boy and was looking forward to being in his life. One of Daniels favorite things was sitting on the front porch after a days work with dad sharing a beer. He would go with Micahel and target practice getting ready for hunting season to start. One of his best freinds was his sister Kari and they shared many private talks. He encourage Amber with her horseback riding and even got her over her fear of riding horses in the mountains due to a pervious accident Amber had in the mountains. There are so many memories and at the same time so much is lost because he is not here with us anymore.

Daniel 2006

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